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Quitting smoking as we know it is not an easy task for any human being but a book which teaches how to do it naturally has to be special .. .. at least that was how I first looked at it. After going through the first quarter of the book I was pleased with the way in which the author laid the foundation for the entire course along with the requirements of the reader, but did not make the reader feel any less of a person the way many other books in this category do.

According to the author: the habit of smoking we often talk about is actually more of a habit than an addiction, and that made the task appear much more achievable to any reader. Without letting too much go I have to commend the author for putting together such a marvelous piece of work, the tips and tricks which have been incorporated makes quitting smoking  appear less of a torture and more like a to do list which demands a little discipline. Hands down one of the most organized and effective books I have seen in a while (and I have seen many books). I consider this a must read for anyone who wants to quit smoking, a great read.

Still Ripah,


Smoking is one of the most addicting habits known to man.  Its addictive properties have been likened to those of narcotics and alcoholism.  If you’ve struggled with the prospect of becoming a non-smoker or have previously failed in your attempts to quit, then “How I Quit Smoking Naturally in Just 6 Weeks!” is an excellent resource for you. Martin Berners shares with his readers his personal struggle and inspiration for becoming a non-smoker.  Touched by the tragedy of his uncle’s premature death from smoking, Mr. Berners set out to break the addiction that had controlled his life since the young age of 14.

What makes this book different than many other resources on the topic is that the author approaches smoking cessation from the psychological perspective of habit.  Too often people run to prescription drugs, nicotine patches, and electronic cigarettes in order to assist in their efforts.  Unfortunately, many only increase their poisonous nicotine intake as they sneak a smoke while wearing their patch or chewing their nicotine infused gum.  The heart of the matter that is addressed in this book is “habit”.  Habits are generally formed in six weeks, so it serves to reason they can be broken in about that same timeframe with the right techniques.

The author bases much of his theory and tactics in the scientific principles of Cybernetics.  By focusing on the structures of our habits, we can slowly release the grip those habits have on our lives.  This book takes a step-by-step approach to doing this.  The author instructs readers to not move onto the next step in the book until they’ve accomplished the one prior to that. In this way, the book is best digested piece by piece as opposed to reading it in a single day.  Small steps and consistent efforts ensure that by the end of the program, readers will be both psychologically and emotionally equipped to make their smoking cessation permanent.

Smoking is a terrible addiction, but it’s mainly a mental addiction.  Until you conquer the psychological associations and obsessions, you’ll find smoking cessation a near insurmountable task.  If you get to the root issues of your tobacco use and follow the steps outlined in this book, you stand a much greater likelihood of kicking the habit for good.  Time waits for no one, so it’s important to start this journey today.

J. Louis, Author & Entrepreneur,

Non-smoker for 9 months and counting


According to the experts in the field of medicine, cigarette smoking is the number one worst thing a person can do to their own body. The amount of harm that is done by inhaling smoke into one’s lungs is believed to be the leading cause of a wide range of diseases and conditions throughout the body.

Since you are here reading the review chances are you are seriously looking at quitting smoking yourself. Believe it or not, the number one reason why people fail to be able to quit smoking is that they really don’t want to. You must be ready to commit to whatever it takes to quit once and for all.

How I quit smoking naturally in just 6 weeks is a unique approach to quitting smoking. It was written by a husband and wife team. They are upfront in letting you know that they are not doctors or medical practitioners, but everything that is included in the ebook is researched and accurate to the best of their knowledge.

The first thing you will notice is that it is written in plain English instead of a bunch of medical terms and jargon. This is so different from other “quit smoking” guides that you have probably gotten from your doctor over the years.

The techniques and tips that you will find inside are the actual techniques that the author used every step of his journey to quitting smoking.

The ebook is separated into seven chapters or weeks and each one builds on the next to help step you through the process. To help ensure your success you need to follow each and every step and only move on when you are ready to continue. The success of the techniques inside the book requires that the reader is really ready to quit.

By the time you get to end of week seven and the end of the ebook you will have succeeded in quitting the habit of smoking, just like the authors of the book.

Jon Benton


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