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From: Martin Berners and Teresa Berners

Place: Miami, Florida, United States

Dated: Today!

You are reading this page because you (or someone known to you) do want to quit smoking easily. Right? If so, please read till the end of this page. Otherwise, please leave this page immediately, because this page is all about quitting smoking in the most efficient, natural way.

Fine? Let us face the fact: How many times have you tried to quit smoking? Do you feel you are almost always automatically inclined to the saying “Quitting smoking is easy. I have done it many times…”?

If so, you have come to the right place.

Yes, quitting smoking is indeed difficult if you try to do it all in one day suddenly. You will only find that you will be reverting back to the bad habit sooner or later. This is because both your body and mind have been addicted to the nicotine that is present in the cigarette you smoke.

Still, in one corner of your mind you feel you need to kick the bad habit…., tried it on many occasions unsuccessfully…., thought it may not be easy to do it…., but wondered how others had done it…. and got frustrated more and more….

What if you come across a easy method to do the quitting process in a phased and effortless manner, say in the next few weeks? Would you welcome it?

If yes, please welcome our new eBook “HOW I QUIT SMOKING NATURALLY IN JUST 6 WEEKS!”

I was in your exact same shoes a few years before when I too tried to quit smoking on my own. I tried every other method taught by so many ex-smokers, joined self-help groups, etc. But I could not leave the habit because the methods were too hard… rather, too ‘theoretical’ for me to quit.

Being left in the dark, but wanting to kick the habit, I realized that I had to tackle the problem scientifically. I began discussing the matter with a few of my old classmates who later majored in psychology (and became certified psychologists and psychiatrists too), and began realizing a new dimension – that I was simply beating about the bush by not following a specific, successful plan. I realized I would have to follow a new method if it was going to work for me.


Combined with my earlier knowledge, I applied my own method to try to break the habit…. and I succeeded finally.

I had been smoking since age 14…. and I finally began to free myself from smoke at age 29. Now I am a non-smoker for the past 7 years.

With the success I had with myself, I recommended my method to a few of my smoking friends, and the feedback I got was quite good. One said… ‘OK, this method works… Why don’t you write a book about it? If you are not doing, then I am going to write…. Got it?’

I pondered over it. ‘OK, if I myself and my friends could get benefits from my method, why can’t I make it to work for more number of people?’, I thought.

I, Martin, decided to put my experiences into an eBook – together with my blogger wife Teresa – …. and “HOW I QUIT SMOKING NATURALLY IN JUST 6 WEEKS!” eBook was born.

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What we have included in this eBook:

This no-fluff eBook contains the EXACT method which had worked for me (and my friends) to quit smoking…. in six weeks. Every step you need to follow is described week by week.

Is this eBook for YOU?

The methods described in my eBook had worked for me because I had the determination to quit smoking – which was the one and only requirement.

If you have the desire in you to quit smoking, but do not know how to do it, then, this eBook is definitely for you. I can assure you, you will quit smoking within 2 months from today if you follow the steps described in this eBook.

However, if you yourself do not have the initiative to quit smoking, but require ‘something’ that can motivate you to quit smoking, then, sorry, this eBook is NOT for you. This is not a motivational book, but a step-by-step guide if you already have the motivation to quit smoking.

You may be surprised by the above statement, but yes, a motivation to stop smoking is a prerequisite to read this eBook. If you do not have it, then, please do not buy this eBook and waste your time… Please leave this page right now.

(If you need just a boost to motivate you to quit smoking, we have made a video for you too. Please view it at THIS page and come back here to continue reading.)

If you continue to read below, I assume that you confirm that you already have the genuine desire to quit smoking.

By reading below this line, you confirm that you already are qualified with the required motivation to quit smoking.

Congratulations on this. Now you can buy this no-fluff eBook with confidence. I once again assure you, you will be smoke-free within the next 2 months if you follow all the steps, exactly as described in this easy-to-follow eBook. The steps are super simple to use. They have worked for me, they will work for you too.

Dear Visitor,

Quitting Smoking is one of the most rewarding achievements in your life, especially if you have been seriously addicted to the habit. Doing it correctly – with minimal stress and heartache – does require an element of determination and perseverance.

The good news is…once you understand the key elements — you are on the road to quitting smoking effortlessly.

So often quitting smoking is associated with many obstacles and problems. This is largely down to poor education or simply new try-hards not taking the time to appreciate the required elements of quitting smoking.

Have you been one of those who have quit smoking many times so far?!

Do you find it difficult to quit smoking, no matter how many times you try hard?

Do you find your urge to smoke far outweighs your desire to stop smoking? Have you tried every other method you know to quit smoking, only to revert to smoking sooner or later?

No worries, You have come to the right place.

If you truly wish to stop smoking, but do not know how, you have found here a sure-fire eBook that teaches you to do just that – quit smoking for the good.

Let me introduce me to you as one who has acquired the habit of smoking at as early as age 14. Yes, I was aware of the bad consequences of smoking, but just didn’t realize that the consequences could happen to me too…. until I witnessed a death in my family due to smoking – and smoking alone. Then I had a reason to quit smoking.

You too probably have one or other reason to quit smoking and have tried many methods so far – only to find that you are in the smoking trap again.

I can understand you – because I was in your same shoes about 7 years ago when I decided to quit smoking – only to find that I could not come across a reliable, WORKING method to follow through. Hence I was forced to devise my own method to stop smoking. And the good news is that my method worked – because it was based on a reliable, solid, simple, scientific principle.

Before and After I quit smoking, I was/am a member of several support groups that aid in quit smoking, and hence have had good experiences with such support groups.

Still, what I have found is, many such support groups just beat about the bush and do not get into solving the exact problem. And a few courses that do work cost several hundreds of dollars – which I was not ready to spend as an unemployed bachelor about 7 years ago.

So I have decided to put the results of my experiences I gained through several months of frustration, into this eBook, so that those who really want to quit smoking may benefit.

  • Discover the secrets that will save YOU hundreds of dollars in your effort to quit smoking
  • Prove yourself as a successful ex-smoker to your family and friends
  • Make sure quitting smoking is pain-free, effortless and rewarding

A successful ex-smoker is a success story in any home or office – and you can grab the knowledge RIGHT HERE – to simply and successfully do it efficiently – STARTING TODAY!

Introducing…. “HOW I QUIT SMOKING NATURALLY IN JUST 6 WEEKS!” eBook at a low price tag of just $17 $7..

What you will find in this eBook:

This no-fluff eBook describes the EXACT same techniques I have followed through to get rid of the smoking habit in just 6 weeks. You will find in this eBook the EXACT, actionable steps you need to take each and every week, all through the 6 weeks, laid out in plain and simple English – No jargon, no fluff – pure knowledge.

  • The top tips I must know in order to save hundreds of dollars for quitting smoking.
  • The essential tips for quitting smoking in a most stress-free way.
  • The systems I need to know to avoid the mistakes most people make when they start to quit smoking.

An Independent Review of our eBook….

“….Hands down one of the most organized and effective books I have seen in a while (and I have seen many books). I consider this a must read for anyone who wants to quit smoking, a great read….”

Continue reading full review here…

You have a full 60 days to evaluate and implement the Techniques described in our eBook. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, within 60 days from the purchase date, just ask for a refund, we will fully refund the cost of your order. No questions asked, No hard feelings.

We hope you can see why it would be wise to invest in this eBook just a one time payment of only $17 $7 in order to save hundreds or thousands of dollars in the future.

If you think what you are getting today ( a no-fluff eBook ) is an overkill, you are right. Take advantage while this offer exists.

See You on the inside!


Martin Berners


(Martin Berners)


Teresa Berners


(Teresa Berners)


Martin Berners Teresa Berners



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